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Dyed Wedding Dress. Keep reading… Alyssa Hevern dyed her wedding dress black just three months before her wedding. I think they look absolutely incredible and really inject a shot of Not sure I'd recommend dip dyeing your hideously expensive wedding dress [would get the professionals in.

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7 Stunning Hand Dyed Gowns For Weddings | Tie dye wedding ... (Cecelia Diaz)
This dip dye wedding dress trend not only gives your formal dress a colorful touch, it also solves one major problem that many brides face. The dip dyed wedding dress is breathing new life into a constantly changing and evolving wedding culture, and why not? Here's our answer, "it's definitely possible.".

I have been reading up on a new fad called dip dyed wedding dresses.

Weigh your wedding dress on a digital scale.

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Dip Dye Wedding Dresses By Taylor Ann Linko

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Women Love Dip-Dye Wedding Dresses, And You Can DIY

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Dip dyed my wedding dress yesterday.

Dip Dye Wedding Dresses By Taylor Ann Linko

Traditional. tie dye wedding dresses are simple white gowns, but they have evolved in ways unimaginable over the centuries. I have a fancy event to go to, finally! an excuse to upcycle my wedding dress skirt. White wedding dresses can be traced back to Victorian-era Great Britain where on her wedding day Queen Victoria wore a white lace dress which started a new trend among the elites.